She's Southern. He's a Yankee. They collided in New York City.

He rocks to the Clash. She whistles John Denver. Thank God for Johnny Cash.

She loves Cool Hand Luke. He likes Frontline. Together, they ended up at Sundance.

He craves wilderness. She thrives in cities. Been to Burning Man five times.

Mermaids, Freaks, and Polar Bears. Coney Island makes them happy.

She prefers the flatlands. He need mountains. Together, they climbed the Himalayas.

They were interviewed by Katie Couric but would have preferred Jim Lehrer.

She works in advertising and has fierce allies known as "Baby Wranglers."

His resume includes the United Nations, Corbis, and non-profits in Bangladesh.

Together, they have 25 years of combined photographic experience.

He shoots like a poet. She's a techie. Together, you get the best of both worlds.